Black Star

Brewery Tour

A lot of work went into building the Great Northern Brewery because of the rich passion, devotion and respect we have for great beer and the process of brewing it. The story of Black Star is best told by the people who make the beer—including Minott Wessinger, 5th generation brewer and founder of Black Star Double Hopped Golden Lager. These films were created to share The Great Northern Brewing Company’s traditional gravity flow brewing system. We hope you enjoy.

The tour

Part 1

The Brew Process

Brewmasters Andy & Joe explain the step by step process of making Black Star beer at The Great Northern Brewing Company

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Part 2

Fulfilling a Dream

Minott Wessinger on the creation of Black Star.

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Part 3

Building a Brewery

Whitefish, Montana, home to the Great Northern Brewing Company’s traditional gravity flow brewhouse.

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Part 4

Friends of Black Star

Big B & Carter share their fondness for Black Star.

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Part 5

Beer Brewing Jargon

People take a stab at defining tricky brewing terms.

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