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The Beer

Black Star was first brewed in Whitefish, Montana at the Great Northern Brewing Company in 1995. The beer was created by Minott Wessinger — 5th generation brewer and great-great grandson of West Coast brewing pioneer Henry Weinhard.  Minott chose Whitefish to build the Great Northern Brewing Company’s brewery because of the clean air, the pure water and the nice people.  He thought it seemed like the ideal place to brew extraordinary beers.  Turned out, he was right.

Black Star is a double-hopped golden lager based on traditional European Pilsner style beers. It is brewed with both Bavarian Mittelfrüh and Czech Saaz hops and two row malting barley. By hopping it in the kettle, and then again before finishing, Black Star opens with a distinctive hop aroma and a rich, full bodied flavor, yet closes remarkably crisp, light and refreshing.

You will probably recognize Black Star by its bright gold labels. They match the golden color of the lager itself.  If you’re looking for a place to try Black Star, use our handy beer locator.

Demand for Black Star is becoming so great that we have started brewing in Milwaukee, WI.  (Same hops, same barley, same quality and attention to brewing detail – and same grueling winter conditions.)  Although Black Star is available in just a few places, this is only the beginning.  We truly hope you enjoy Black Star Double Hopped Golden Lager as much as we enjoy brewing it.

Black Star Double Hopped Golden Lager

A “double hopped” (dry hopped) unique American lager based on traditional European Pilsners with a crisp refreshing body and lots of taste. We add hops in the kettle and then again before finishing for aromatic quality.

Style American Pilsner
IBU’s (International Bitterness Units) 15
ABV (alcohol by volume) 4.6%
Original Gravity 10.98
Malts 2 row malted barley
Hops 80% Mittelfruh and 20% Czech Saaz
Yeast Lager
Appearance Golden (Standard Research Method): 7.0

Great Northern Brewing Company

The Great Northern Brewing Company offers the finest quality ales and lagers in a variety of year-round and seasonal styles. Through the use of a traditional “Gravity Flow” arrangement, the beers are made in the tradition of artisan brewing with one of the most sophisticated brew houses for its size in the entire country.  Many of the beers are available on draught and package around the state of Montana.  Black Star is currently the only beer from the brewery available outside the state of Montana.   For additional information on the beer brewed at the Great Northern Brewery, visit the website.

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